The StuntCat is a

revolutionary  looking 

Depron  Airplane, combining 

cool looks with a  functional construction.

It builds in a couple of evenings. Thanks to a low wing loading it can float well but also due to the foreseen motorization still capable of picking up some speed. It does not feature vector control and thus it flies like a real airplane where the control response weakens with less airspeed.  The “Stunt” part of the name comes from the

precise pitch control that resembles a

“Stunt Line Control Airplane”.

  Here you find all the information you need on how

  to build the StuntCat

  Depron Pusher.

High Altitude 
 Testing !
Create a StuntCat !

For whom is the StuntCat?

For everyone who wants something different and new. For the experienced RC-modeler it brings the thrill of something different and new flight characteristics to explore.

Can I fly a StuntCat if I am a beginner?

You will probably crash, but the StuntCat is easy to repair and all expensive components are located in the back, protected from damage, so it requires normally only tape and glue to repair. And if it is beyond repair you can build another airframe and transfer all equipment for a handful “dollars” only. As a beginner it is important to use reduced throws on the rudders and let the built in self-stability fly the plane for you.

I want to build one now, how do I proceed?

The richly illustrated building instruction for the StuntCat you find online right here and right now. The PDFs (A4-format) required for cutting the parts out are all provided. Just download them and print. Make sure that the printing scale is 100%. PS. The templates you find in the build sections.

I have already built a StuntCat

How can I provide feedback ?

I am happy to receive feedback, like pictures, testimonies and videos to

Disclaimer:  Know the laws and your responsibility that apply to model airplane flying in your country and at the location you choose for flying. Be sure to handle tools, glue, material and equipment in a safe way while building and operating the airplane. If you are unsure inform yourself before.

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