Start and Fly (and Trimming)

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Figure 26)  The recommend grip, pilots view

                  (left handed)

Flying - Start

In calm wind the plane can be launched with almost full-throttle almost straight up with a gentle toss, plane will automatically level out, and provides plenty of time to grab the transmitter (precondition plane is trimmed) In the beginning it should be thrown gently about 20 degrees up on 1/2 throttle like a Frisbee (but without the rotation). See figure (26) for the recommend grip.


Flying - Trimming Procedure

  1. BulletLevel the plane out  about 1/3 throttle, trim aileron so that plane flies straight.

  1. BulletTrim elevator so that plane maintains altitude

  1. BulletApply full-throttle, if plane climbs, land and adjust engine thrust-line accordingly

  1. BulletRepeat procedure

Note: when throttling back the plane will climb due to that it has a lifting wing.

Hold the StuntCat like in figure 26, launch in head wind on a soft surface.
Knee slightly and 
move CofG back 
(your own) . Have the StuntCat about 20° nose 
up in front of your stomach
In one smooth 
extend legs, 
arm and chest 
while moving  
your own weight forward, 
launch with about 20° angle and try not to produce a yaw impulse.
Release and grab
the transmitter
In the beginning it can
be good if someone else launches. It can also be helpful to trim some up-elevator (not required for a well trimmed plane).