Equipment and Material

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  1. BulletDepron 6mm

      one 800x1320 mm sheet or

      three 400 x 900 mm sheets or

      two 27”x39” sheets

  1. Bullet Some scrap plywood (0.5 mm) for the elevon horns

  2. Bullet Some scrap light-plywood (4 mm) for the  servo and motor mounts

  3. Bullet Pack-Tape (thin and light and transparent)

  4. Bullet Glue that glues Depron.

  1. Bullet 2 servos (around 8-9 grams)

  2. Bullet RC Receiver

  3. Bullet RC Transmitter with V-mixing capability

Radio Equipment

What you need to build n’ fly the StuntCat Radio Control Model Airplane

Motor, Propeller and Speed Controller (ESC)

The StuntCat is designed for a 7“ propeller and about 100-150 Watts electrical out-runner motor. The plane has a lifting wing and as a result not suitable for extreme power. The StuntCat is not designed to fly more than 70 km/h, above this speed things needs to be more aerodynamic and stronger.

A heavier power combo also means a heavier plane which is more prone to break on ground impact. If plane is over motorized it has to be also further reinforced, otherwise it will obtain a “maneuver speed” less than the top speed. (i.e it can break up in the air).

General Recommendations:      

  1. Bullet Outrunner motor for RC , weight about 40-50 grams

  2. Bullet A matching Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

  3. Bullet Power around 100-160 Watts

  4. Bullet kV value in the range  1800-2200 (2-cell)

  5. Bullet kV value in the range  1400-1900 (3-cell)

  6. Bullet 7” propeller to fit the power and kV of the engine

  7. Bullet 2-Cell LiPo Battery 1300-2000 mAh  (if 2-Cell Setup)

  8. Bullet 3-Cell LiPo Battery   900-1600 mAh  (if 3-Cell Setup)

Normal Performance: Thunder Power 1320mAh 2-Cell LiPo, Castle Creations Tunderbird 18 controller, KMS 2208/09 Motor (1920 kV) spinning a 7x5E APC propeller. This setup gives around 15 minutes flying with aerobatics. The speed range is about 11-55 km/h. Up to 2000 mAh should work well and provide more time in the air.

High Performance: Same motor and controller as above but with a 3-cell 910mAh battery with a 7x4 thin prop, gives similar flight time as 2-cell configuration, but with a lot more power reserve (that can drain out the battery faster).  On 3-cell kV values down to about 1400 should be OK.

Tested power combos:

Building Material


The most important ones are:

  1. Bullet  Hobby knife (+cutting mat)

  2. Bullet  Long ruler

  3. Bullet  Small 1-1.5 mm drill for servo, elevon and motor mount.

  4. Bullet  Jigsaw (preferably one for RC-hobby use)

Good hobby equipment like a knife and a jigsaw can be found by good radio control hobby stores. A radio control model airplane hobby store is  also a great place for inspiration.