Stable on water, maneuverable, capable of taking some waves, big hull to stay afloat even in powder snow, predictable flight characteristics to enable precision landing and starting even in small places ==  IdroJeep.

The IdroJeep is a canard RC airplane, with control surfaces on the canard (can also be eliminated for simplicity). The control is by elevator, elevons and differential throttle. The differential throttle gives the IdroJeep superior ground and in water handling.

The IdroJeep is powered (in this version) by one 3-cell Lipo, 1600 mAh. APC 7x5 E props are used as it exist also in a “pusher” version (reverse rotating). On full power each motor consumes about 8 Ampere which gives 16 Ampere in total. The flight time is about 15 minutes. The IdroJeep is not an aerodynamic wonder. The priority is integral strength, looks and  handling on water.

The most fun thing with the IdroJeep is to start, land, skim, skid, jump, taxi, splash... did i forget fly ?

The IdroJeep is constructed from 6 mm Depron. The shape of the IdroJeep is based partly on the properties of Depron.


PROTO-4 (beta)


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